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Security Code Audits

Enhance Security

The most powerful tool to ensure your software is secure from external cyber threats is a security audit. A security expert reviewing the source code, is exponentially efficient than a black boxed hacker. Our expert will find the flaw first, eliminating the threat.

Each security flaw found by a security audit, is a security flaw a malicious hacker would not exploit.

A security code audit is a similar process to embedded penetration testing. Only instead of remotely trying to hack your device, our auditors come to you to find vulnerabilities in your source code. An audit is significantly more efficient - saving you time and money, and getting better results.

Save Money

All estimations on the cost of fixing a security flaw, state clearly that fixing a flaw after production could be 10x more expensive than fixing during development. A research by the IEE Computer Society states that identifying critical bugs earlier in the lifecycle could reduce costs by $2.3M.


For every security flaw found, money is saved.


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On Site Audit

Audit Process

Together with your team, our security experts will go over the source code of your product. Depending on your focus, they will examine high-risk code areas in order to find code and implementation mistakes that could lead to security flaws.


This process takes 4-5 days, usually revealing dozens of security threats. At Imperium Security we developed a structured workflow to insure full utilization of the audit.

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